Stalwart of India’s high fashion landscape, Sulakhana Monga infuses her collection with exclusive aesthetics, sublime luxury and alluring craftsmanship. With over two decades of experience in fashion industry, she is the cerebral and creative force behind ‘Soltee’. Her unique designs are handcrafted elegant pieces that speak ethereal romance and iconic elegance with a sprinkle of vintage charm. Luxurious fabrics, decadent detailing, lush accents and dreamy silhouettes have long been designer’s understated signature style.

With no formal education in fashion, Sulakshna Monga often found herself envisioning fluid fabrics in sculpted, moulded expressive clothing. Her riveting passion for fashion is what paved way for ‘Soltee’. The fashion house was conceived in 1989, since then there has been a long consistent journey, transcending boundaries and seasons. Embracing wanderlust, the couturier has spun old-world craftsmanship and charm in western silhouette to lend her creations effortless beauty and timeless sophistication.

Recipient of coveted accolades, Sulakshna Monga is much revered in the industry for her contribution to high fashion. She has been presented with Shama Prasad Mukherjee Award in the field of Art (2015) and the Bharat Gaurav Award (2014), apart from several other prestigious acknowledgements of merit.